Matt Gallant, Television Host and Producer

I've been lucky enough to work with a handful of quality people who bring intelligence, passion, and hustle to all they do, Denise Naughton is one of those people. Denise has the ability to get the best out of co-workers and is an amazing problem solver in an industry where problems seem to be the norm. I've always admired Denise's ability to remain calm and poised when faced with a potential nightmare situation. The thing that sets Denise apart from most people in the TV business is that she is as kind as she is talented. 

Karen Schaler, Creator and Host of Travel Therapy TV

Denise is the kind of executive producer and producer I love working with because she's creative and smart, and can think outside the box to find the best way to tell a story and connect with viewers.

Andi Barness, Television Host and Voice Artist

If you want the job done right, then look to Denise. Her attention to detail, abililty to multi-task, and work with people are her strong points. On the most stressful of days, she made it look easy with a smile on her face.